Out of the ordinary spaces

Havnevej 25,

Originally built as a seaside hotel, then transformed into a hospital, and later as a rehabilitation center for spinal cord injuries, the function of this estate has varied over the years.

Headed to the beach?

Coastal elegance awaits

Now, nearly 90 years since its origin, COPI has embarked on the honourable task of transforming this iconic property into a 5-star hotel that meets international standards. 

Hornbæk is a small town located an hour north from Copenhagen, first row to one of Denmarks most famous beaches. During the summer, the town is vibrant with joyful tourists who relishes in the Danish coastline, and visits the beach, local restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Here she lies, seaside, the white lady. A true landmark nestled in the heart of Hornbæk.
The pool funded for polio patients in 1953, the kitchen with its antique storages, or the breathtaking view over the Kattegat Ocean, connecting Øresund with the world beyond - they have all served a cause so important for this building.

Upon take-over in 2023 the building stands empty, after the last belongings from its former era have been removed. Wandering through this vacant building, which somewhat reminds of a now abandoned hospital from a movie, so many stories lie untold within its walls…

COPI has now taken on the honorable task to restore this estate as a vital connection between the town, beach, and harbour, and expects to open its doors in 2025.

Until then, lots of effort is put into defining the concept, deciding on entrepreneurs, choosing the right suppliers and partners, as well as every other minor detail that has to come together before the grand opening.

We aim to create a seaside hotel that serves as a retreat and oasis for locals and tourists from both domestic and international locations. The project is intended to include a five-star seaside hotel featuring an active ground floor with a restaurant and spa area. The hotel aims to connect the town to the harbour, fostering activity and new life year-round.