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Step inside and sense a profound passion for real estate development. Whether you are our investors, our partners, our future residents - we acquire, design and build with grit and ownership to create out of the ordinary properties.

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the copi way

Living the investor, build and design process. We don't just invest; we take a hands-on approach, meticulously curating every detail to build spaces that go beyond expectations.

At COPI  we control and manage very aspect of the development process in-house, ensuring that each project reveals value and innovation. We blend premium quality with a dash of edge, setting ourselves apart in the world of real estate development.

Invest with copi

We are all about premium investments. Stay confident that COPI's mastery of the full value chain enhances your returns.

We take pride in our unique approach, we co-invest on a project or fund basis, providing investors acces to off-market and high potential development opportunities.

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real estate management

What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence, backed by optimized property management tools and cutting-edge strategies.  

We have mastered the art of premium real estate project management and administration. How? We handle everything in-house, from acquisition to the final key handover to potential buyers and tenants.

construction and design

We handle every project with our in-house construction and design team. The results speak volumes, with over 350,000 square meters of out of the ordinary spaces developed.

Out of the ordinary cases

Kronprinsensgade 7,

Copenhagen K

Currently, the estate is undergoing a comprehensive renovation, and we will strive to preserve its historic charm while seamlessly transforming it into meticulously designed office spaces that marry functionality with an exquisite touch.

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commercial rental

Havnevej 25,

Copenhagen K

commercial rental

Vandkunsten 6,

Copenhagen K

commercial rental



Heart work

Aesthetics has the capacity to ignite creativity, fueling innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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