Out of the
Ordinary Living

Step inside and sense a profound passion for real estate development. Whether you are our investors, our partners, our future residents - we acquire, design and build with grit and ownership to create out of the ordinary properties.

Right on track

Developing design solutions of the highest standards is a skilled process requiring a solid business model and a proven track record to deliver both aesthetics and excellence.

Access to a diversified portfolio of property opportunities, self sourced, ranging from commercial and residential projects to student housing, hotels and short stay rentals to greenfield construction. Executed by a strong construction team and directly sourced materials.

Beauty is in the detail

The level of aesthetic you sense in any COPI property is a clear marker of respect for identity and history.

Commitment to excellence drives you to infuse your life and work with meaning and purpose.

Follow your passion
Knowhow and experience

Stay confident that COPI's mastery of the full value chain preserves build heritage and enhances your returns.

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Copenhagen K

The two vacant private rentals are in the property's charming back building on the 2nd or 3rd floor, both of which are undergoing a major interior renovation.

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commercial rental

Havnevej 25,

Copenhagen K

commercial rental

Vandkunsten 6,

Copenhagen K

commercial rental



Heart work

Aesthetics has the capacity to ignite creativity, fueling innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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