Out of the ordinary spaces

Holsteins Palæ,

The year 1683 marked the start of this extraordinary estate. Over the years, it has evolved alongside its diverse owners and changing needs. Following COPI's acquisition in 2017, the mansion has returned to its former glory while adapting to contemporary demands and functionalities.

An architectural masterpiece

From mansion, to office spaces, to extraordinary city apartments

An architectural review reveals exquisite details about Holsteins Palæ. With a great wish to honor these unique features, the restoration process relied on old drawings and insights into its original aesthetics.

Reconstruction of dormers in the roof ridge, newly painted windows in the old ocher yellow and iconic statues have been restored in alignment to these old drawings and insights. The legacy of the 300-year-old wooden floors is preserved, standing alongside the marble staircase and the rococo-style stucco ceiling.

Facing Stormgade, the façade has been restored to its original splendor, drawing inspiration from the colorful facades of the 18th century and inspiration from Versailles.

Amid renovation, a fire occurred within the historic building. With a massive effort, the building was saved in a condition, that still made it possible to preserve and restore all its majestic chambers.

With its long lifespan, Holsteins Palæ has an immense cultural heritage. Lord Chamberlain von Lützow originally build the mansion back in 1687. Since, this estate has housed numerous nobles within its regal walls.

Today, the mansion is protected by the Danish Agency for Culture as the property represents some of todays most important cultural history. Holsteins Palæ is living evidence of how building, working, and living in Denmark have evolved throughout history. Holsteins Palæ is truly an out of the ordinary space.