Heading for the Beach or the Spa?

Havnevej 25, Hornbæk

The passionate choice

Life is full of tough decisions, but not when it comes to our upcoming seaside hotel in Hornbæk. Expect international standards, a year-round feel-good atmosphere, and an array of activities. From the exquisite restaurant and inviting terrasse to the rejuvenating spa and relaxing lounge, all awaiting your out of the ordinary experience.

5,174 m²
Newly acquired

The beautiful estate has become a Hornbæk landmark, which is why it is so important the project contributes creating life and activity and the building’s future includes the local society.

Our vision is to transform the iconic building back to its original expression and function as seaside hotel. We wish to create a free space and at the same time a breathing space for both locals and international tourists. The hotel should contribute to tie the town to the harbor and the water to create activity and new life year-round.
Peter Julius Jensen
Investment director

Today the estate’s 5,442 sqm. houses a hospital spread over 3-4 floors, tower, and roof buildings as well as a partly used basement, including a swimming pool and rehabilitation facilities.


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