Beware of the dog

Kronprinsessegade 8, Copenhagen

curated to cool

Step into the rich history of the estate as you enter the protected frontage property, where impressive stucco work welcomes you. Each room exudes a sense of majesty, showcasing layers of intricate details that will leave you speechless.

4,304 m²
For lease

The outside historical ornamentation between the first and second floor features a charming detail known as a “running dog”. But as it’s been there since the establishment in 1803-04, you really shouldn’t worry of it running anywhere.

When you’re in the apartments, you’ll enjoy the most incredible, uninterrupted views of Copenhagen. Whether it’s gazing east and south towards the city or witnessing the breathtaking sunset over Kongens Have to the west, the views are truly captivating.
Maria Brunander Vøgg
Managing director

As you venture towards the rear property, a different era unfolds before you. Time and style shift, giving way to cool commercial rentals with high ceilings and every modern functionality imaginable.

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